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We review Australia's favourite sports betting and Greyhounds sites along with tips for increasing your chances at winning big bucks betting online! We cover sports such as horse racing, AFL, greyhound racing and other Australian favourite sports

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The Three Major Greyhound WA Racing Venues

Western Australia is a place known for people who love sports as well as sports betting and race betting. Sports betting would include Australia’s favorite sports such as soccer, rugby, golf and football. Betting in events would include horse racing and greyhound racing.

Greyhound WA race betting is a fairly common practice in this part of Australia. The betting becomes even more exciting during major racing events. Greyhound WA racing events are usually held at three major places in Western Australia, the Cannington, Madurah and Northam.

Greyhound WA Cannington is located at the corner of Albany Highway and Station Street in Cannington, which is about 10 kilometers away towards the south area of Perth city. The track is a sand field having a track circumference of 446.5m. The race track can accommodate up to 744m races. The Greyhound WA race distance events include 297m, 530m, 643m, 715m and 744m. The race events are usually held during Wednesdays and Saturdays and...


The Truth about Tas Greyhounds Racing And Online Bookmakers

Just like horseracing, tas greyhounds race is entertaining. Of course, what is a race without a bet? It is popular on the race-betting scene. The odds are fun to compare, and betting on greyhounds always gets the best value of your bet money. Betting is not the only fun thing on tas greyhounds, watching greyhounds race is a very exciting scene. It gets any punters blood pumping when they start to run. When the racing tas greyhounds are very close to each other, cold sweats are unavoidable, especially if your bet is on the losing side.

Even though issues arise when people talk about the welfare of tas greyhounds on those races, tas greyhounds racing is still prevalent. Currently, the government and non-government organizations are strongly implementing greyhound adoption plans. This is to avoid euthanasia of losing dogs. As of now, it is nicely working and greyhounds racing is now back on track.

Since many people do not have time anymore to visit the tas greyhounds racing...


A Guide to Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds are a popular breed of dogs which are known for their svelte build, intelligence, loyalty and affection. These dogs were traditionally bred to be used as hunting dogs. Their slender body and powerful legs made them ideal for fast running. In the early days, they were considered a status symbol and reared only by the affluent families. It was a costly affair, back then.

In recent times, they have become popular with the general public and their running ability was used for fun. Races were organized for the purpose of entertainment. Just as in horse racing, small scale betting started on their races and it gradually developed into a popular pastime.

Evolution of modern day greyhound racing

Although greyhound racing was initially done for fun, it was conducted on a specially designed straight course near Hendon. Its date can be traced back to the early 1870s. It remained relatively unknown till 1912. In that year, a guy named Owen Patrick Smith introduced the...


Owning a Greyhound: Lucrative Proposition for Greyhound Racing Enthusiasts

It is a well established fact that NSW greyhounds racing is a very popular sport. People flock race tracks and websites when the races are held and make a lot of wagers. Bookies and punters make and lose a lot of money and greyhound races are considered a good business proposition. But many fail to understand the finer aspects of greyhound racing. By comparing it to horse racing, a lot of people tend to judge that the costs associated with the hound is high. Owning a greyhound, especially a winning one, can be a lucrative business opportunity.

How fascinated are you by greyhound racing?

The first and the foremost thing that you must take into consideration is how much are you hooked to NSW greyhounds racing. If you are just an occasional and light betting kind of person, then this article is not for you. If you are a heavy handed punter or a bookie and tend to take part in most of the racing events, then you should definitely consider this proposition. It is an added...


How to Win ACT Greyhound Betting

ACT greyhounds racing has become quite popular in Australia because of the excitement and thrill it offers. Besides being a pastime and a medium of entertainment, the racing also offers plethora of opportunities to make money. Many love to place bets on their favorite dogs. Although greyhound race betting looks simple, there is a great deal of skill involved in placing the bets. Here are a few tips that will help you place the bets well and win a lot of money.

Focus is on dog

Unlike horse racing, there are no jockeys in the greyhound racing. Winning the race depends entirely on the skill of dogs. So your primary focus should be on the dog. Knowing the career history of each of the dogs in the race is important for placing the bets. Any dog that hasn’t been racing in the last month is not considered to be a favorite. When making choices, prefer dogs that have run races recently. Avoid placing bets on those dogs which are in good form but are frequently hit by bad form. ...


Greyhound Racing: Mixed Feelings for Dog Loving Punters

QLD greyhounds racing is a very popular sport in Australia. Specially bred and trained greyhounds are made to take part in a race against each other in a custom built track. These greyhounds will be trained to run very fast and they are usually motivated to run by showing a lure. A lure is basically a fake rabbit like stuffed toy which is supposed to trick the animal in thinking that it is the real deal and follow it. Because there are other animals too, the hounds try to outrun each other to beat its’ fellow competitors in getting to the lure.

A dog lover’s delight

Greyhound racing can be a dog lover’s delight. Watching your favourite dog run as fast as possible on the racing track and emerging victorious is a sight to behold. There is also the possibility of interacting with those dogs. Even though they seem to be aggressive, greyhounds are very soft and gentle creatures. They are very intelligent and well-behaved, if raised properly. This will make petting the various...


Greyhound Racing and Betting

The popularity of greyhound racing stretches from Australia and New Zealand to the countries in the western hemisphere like Ireland, Great Britain and the United States of America. These are considered as the most important large-scale racing countries on the map when it comes to greyhounds. The countries regarded as small-scale ones include Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc. Aussies are arguably the most enthusiastic SA greyhounds racing fans. Apart from merely watching and supporting the dogs that run the races, a whole lot of people place bets on them as well.

Betting on sports is an age-old hobby adopted by people all over the world. Australia is home to the most number of bettors. The government's decision to legalize betting has added tremendously to its popularity. The internet has also played a pivotal role in attracting bettors from the world over. The ease and simplicity of placing bets online appeals to most people.

Betting on the sport and its history

The sport of...


Betting on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing and horse racing are very similar. The only two inevitable differences between them are that horses need jockeys to run them and greyhounds need a lure to chase. Apart from these, there is not much to separate the two sports. Greyhound racing features dogs chasing a lure around an ovular track. The dog that crosses the finish line before any of its opponents is considered the winner of the race. Racing greyhounds were owned and raised only by the rich people in ancient societies. Only they could afford to meet their high maintenance costs.

Greyhound racing in Australia

The growing popularity of this sport has been influenced mainly by the betting factor. A lot of people in Australia fancy a bet when it comes to racing greyhounds. The fact that betting has been legalized by the country's government means that anyone can place bets on the sport. Winning money out of it depends largely on the research you are willing to do and the time you can dedicate towards...


Rules of Greyhound Race Betting

Greyhound racing is one of the popular sports in Australia and some other countries around the world. Betting on the races is legalized there. There are a few governing bodies that regulate the racing as well as betting systems in these countries. Vic greyhounds racing is one of the major greyhound events in Victoria, Australia. Many punters bet on their favourite greyhounds and win some high payouts. Read on for some information on the rules that are applied in the racing event.

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is an activity that has been carried out for around more than 100 years now. Greyhounds are bred in appropriate conditions for the purposes of racing in some parts of the world. In Victoria, Australia, this activity is regulated by the local laws and governing bodies. Some rules are laid down by the law for owners, trainers, attendants and other participants of the race. Once the hounds retire, proper measures are taken to care for them. Some of the adoption...


Factors Affecting Success in Online Greyhound Racing Betting

Betting is an age old tradition and it started during the ancient times. Today, it has evolved into an art on its own. There are a lot of people who take hobby betting seriously or take up even professional betting. It is not only because of the lucrative deals that you can benefit from but also a passion for betting. Not everyone can get to play the sport that they want to at the highest level or compete in the races. Similarly, not everyone can own a horse. The same factor contributed for the increase in the popularity of WA greyhounds betting.

Greyhounds are amazing creatures which have a lithe yet muscular body. It is built in a way that is most suitable for running. Previously used as hunting dogs, the hunters were amazed by the speed these magnificent creatures could attain. This was the origin of greyhounds racing. As usual, betting on it also started, first on a smaller scale which has now expanded to worldwide proportions.

Pay attention to all the minor...


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